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Trihealth Mindy's milers
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Join me in my efforts to support OCAGC (part of Cancer Support Community of Gr Cinti)!

Thank you for supporting OCAGC (part of Cancer Support Community of Gr Cinti). Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Team Members:
Total Raised$4,035.00  
General Team Donation$150.00  
Mindy Traylor$0.00  
   Kim Balser$15.00  
   Noah Balser$15.00  
   summer balser$15.00  
   Jack Basil$400.00  
   Sara Browne$130.00  
   Kenzie Casteel$25.00  
   Suzanne Casteel$30.00  
   Titus Casteel$25.00  
   Sara Fair$80.00  
   Sue Geary$130.00  
   Kelley Gibson$80.00  
   Missy Gray$30.00  
   Barbara Johnson$30.00  
   Cindy Kalkhoff Rolfes$30.00  
   denis kiefer$30.00  
   wilma kiefer$30.00  
   Tammy Koehling$30.00  
   Jodie Mader$90.00  
   Janelle Mattingly$30.00  
   Mike Mattingly$30.00  
   Trevor Mattingly$30.00  
   Cheri Miller$30.00  
   Craig Miller$100.00  
   Charlotte/CJ Nichols$30.00  
   Jennifer Pavelka$30.00  
   Jim Pavelka$1,530.00  
   Leslie Pavelka$200.00  
   Lily Pavelka$15.00  
   Maddie Pavelka$30.00  
   Georgia Rellahan$10.00  
   Jack Rellahan$25.00  
   Luke Rellahan$10.00  
   Colleen Richter$30.00  
   Jana Riffe$15.00  
   Jenna riffe$15.00  
   connie ruff$30.00  
   Jane Schappacher$30.00  
   Kim Schoeffler$30.00  
   Lois Staton$60.00  
   Nicole Staton$60.00  
   Alex Traylor$30.00  
   blair traylor$30.00  
   Molly traylor$30.00  
   Kara Vennefron$30.00  
   Kenzi Vennefron$15.00  
   Kristan Vennefron$30.00  
   Kristan Vennefron$30.00  
   Kyle Vennefron$15.00  
   joan von korff$30.00  
   Thomas Young$30.00  

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